Autumn is here

2014 has been a good year so far with co-writes on albums released (or going to be released by) TOM LEVIN, THE LOST VAN GOGHS, MARCUS BLACK, and JONAS GIDBERG

Lots of new projects coming later this year! Andreas Aleman and I have written the songs for his upcoming Christmas album, HOME FOR CHRISTMAS to be released December 13!

Currently writing with ace guitarist Göran Flood on a new smooth jazz project that we hope to release in 2015.

And yes, after several instrumental albums and producing/writing for other people I’ve decided to do my own singer-songwriter vocal album. Big thanks to all my former and current students at Kulturama for being an inspiration and “shaming” me into making my own album! Coming in 2015.

And just a reminder, you can still purchase my older albums at


Blind Faith featured in the film C.O.G

Blind Faith, a song I co-wrote with Andreas Aleman and which is performed by Monica Silverstrand was featured in the movie, C.O.G.

This is my first “movie” song and I’m very excited about it!

Concert of Original American Popular Songs



This week was sort of a milestone for me. Thirty-eight years ago on April 2 I gave the first public concert of my original songs. I did this together with a band consisting of my friends, David Albert, Donald McCoy and Jeff Hart. I gave the concert the arrogant and clunky title; Concert of Original American Popular Songs. Some of that was true, it should have read derivative instead of original, and I am an American, but the popular part…that’s a stretch to say the least. I’m not even sure some of the things we played warranted being called songs…but the good thing about being 17 was that I was fearless. I’m trying to get a little of that back in my writing now.

I love creativity. I love writing. I love facing a blank page and imagining a story, or a world or a scene that I can bring to life. That’s why I love being a writer, why I love bitching and moaning about how hard it is, why some of my best friends are writers. I’m a lifer, and the best I can wish for is to keel over mid-sentence while typing, or fall off the piano bench after playing my last note.

This has been an exciting year so far. I’ve been writing a lot and already seen some of the results of my collaborations on the Tom Levin album, THEM FEET. I have also been writing with Leif Larson on his new project for The Lost Van Goghs. Andreas Aleman is planning to release a new album in late May called LET LOVE DECIDE featuring songs that we have co-written. We have also completed writing the songs for Andreas’ first Christmas album, HOME FOR CHRISTMAS. We consciously decided that the album would feature new, original songs. Marcus Sjöberg is coming out with his debut album this year as well and I’ve been lucky enough to co-write a lot of those songs with him. I have also been working with Jonas Bergström on his debut album.

And on top of all that I’m still working on my musical, THE INDEPENDENT MAN, and hope….hope to have the complete score recorded and available after the summer. With everything that’s going on in the world, especially in my home state and home town, I feel that this musical tells a very important and timely story; the fight against injustice, fundamentalism, ignorance and inequality. The sad thing is that the musical takes place 100 years ago and it’s amazing how little some things have changed.

I am also now teaching songwriting at Kulturama and it’s a great experience. My students inspire me and I feel that I learn much more than I am teaching. And that adds another item to my to-do list; my own singer-songwriter album. Who knows? I hope I have the strength and energy to finish all these projects.




Happy New Year 2014!

The biggest news right now is about my musical, THE INDEPENDENT MAN. This past summer I had a reading of the script with several actors and aside from having to take a machete to it and trim it down and cut a few songs, the response was even better than I expected.

Right now I am in the process of recording the score and plan to have that completed within the next couple of months.

THE INDEPENDENT MAN is a musical based on the life of newspaper editor, W.O. Saunders, an outspoken, crusader for human rights and equality in my hometown of Elizabeth City, NC in the first part of the last century. He was instrumental in bringing about many municipal improvements, exposing corruption in local government, fighting racism and religious fundamentalism, establishing the Wright Memorial and coming up with the idea for an outdoor drama based on the early English settlement on Roanoke Island, which was eventually written by playwright, Paul Green, and became The Lost Colony. He was loved and hated by many.

Click on the link below to see a short promo

The Independent Man

I hope to be posting song excerpts from the songs here, so please check back again.


This past year I also got to work with some of my favorite collaborators; Andreas Aleman, who is planning to release his third album in 2014, Tom Levin, Jonas Bergström, Marcus Sjöberg, Dimitri Keiski and Leif Larson.

Also hoping to do a second album with my old friend, David Albert.

Lots of plans and lots of dreams!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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